Brand DNA

Tank is a global high-end SUV brand launched by GWM facing the new trend of SUV and also an important fruit of GWM's innovation in all categories. It is committed to leading SUV brands worldwide. Tank internationally positioned and created by all the people around the globe made breakthrough based upon the current consumption trend and opened up a new category market.

Life is a process of continuously meeting challenges and breaking through ourselves. For the unknown road ahead, we shall keep the strength to be fearless of difficulties and still retain a feeling in our minds. Only by coupling hardness with softness can we really enjoy life.

Independence of TANK Brand

  • Follow the trend of market demand

    SUV division is no longer limited to off-road driving or urban travel according to user demands. The independence of Tank, representing the start of reshaping the SUV market, covers all-scene products of fashion, trend, and luxury, and provides consumers with a new car experience.

  • Developed in response to the strategy of GWM

    The independence of Tank is a milestone of GWM's innovation strategy. Tank brand carries out user lifecycle management with the user as the center, adheres to the strategic concept of "more than off-road, not only a car" to build the new user ecological experience, and becomes a solid force for GWM's digital transformation and user ecological transformation.

    GWM's multi-dimensional advantages, such as R & D and manufacturing capabilities, business model innovation, and user reputation, are capable of supporting Tank brand to build super competitive strength in the new positioning. The independence of Tank brand is the inevitable result of GWM's accumulated strength and development.

Three-step goal in five years

In 2021, it has sales of 100,000 units in the Chinese market, topping in the SUV segment in China.

In 2023, it has sales of 350,000 units in the global market, topping in the SUV segment in China and ranking top three in the global SUV market.

In 2025, it has sales of 500,000 units in the global market, topping in the SUV segment in China and challenging to lead in the global SUV market.